RAMP V2 Roadmap

To provide more visibility on development to the RAMP community and users, the below roadmap shall be updated weekly.

Note that roadmap provided is indicative and may be adjusted based on practical implementation considerations if required.

We thank our community and users for your kind patience and understanding.

May 2021 Roadmap

  1. Seeding rUSD-BUSD liquidity on PancakeSwap for direct rUSD trading channel (completed)

  2. Launch of rUSD with Nerve 3Pool (BUSD/USDT/USDC) for efficient stable swaps (completed)

  3. Addition of NRV-BNB Vault for rUSD minting (completed)

  4. Addition of rUSD-NRV3Pool Vault for rUSD minting (completed)

  5. Addition of INJ-BNB Vault for rUSD minting (completed)

  6. RAMP V2 user interface improvements (completed)

  7. Developing rUSD swap pool depth (on-going)

  8. New "Liquidity" tab for users to directly add liquidity to Nerve or PancakeSwap in RAMP V2 interface and earn yield without having to jump between websites.

  9. Launch of Single Asset Vaults for major BSC token assets.

  10. Launch of new LP Vaults with co-marketing from project partners.

  11. Increase rUSD utility with DeFi protocol partners and launching new products utilizing rUSD on RAMP V2.

  12. Development of "Zap" functionality for one-click automated participation into RAMP vaults.

April 2021 Roadmap (Completed)

  1. V2 user interface uploaded into production (completed)

  2. Auditors' feedback and reports (completed)

  3. Community and investor feedback on documentation (completed)

  4. RAMP V1 Vaults migration into RAMP V2 Vaults (completed)

  5. BSC RAMP Single Asset Vault deployment (completed)

  6. BSC RAMP-BUSD LP Vault deployment (completed)

  7. BSC Minter deployment for rUSD minting (completed)

  8. BSC RAMP-BUSD LP Vault deployment (completed)