rUSD Minter

RAMP V2 currently supports Binance Smart Chain and Polygon (Matic Network) for rUSD minting, with more blockchains integrations to be expected in the near future.

Cross-Chain rUSD

rUSD can be transferred cross-chain between Binance Smart Chain and Polygon via the rUSD Bridge:

Minter Introduction

Minting Overview

  • rUSD can be minted after users have deposited their assets into the Binance Smart Chain Vaults or Polygon Vaults.

  • Users mint rUSD separately based on each asset staked to avoid cross-asset leveraging.

  • The maximum amount of rUSD a user can mint off a particular staked asset is capped by the Minimum Collateralization Ratio (MCR).

  • Users can choose to mint rUSD at any amounts, as long as the deposited asset values are retained above the Minimum Collateralization Ratio.

  • If assets used as collateral experienced material reductions in market value, these assets shall be liquidated to preserve the value of minted rUSD.

  • We advise users to fully understand the risks and rewards of using a leveraged protocol as it may magnify both gains and losses for users.

rUSD Token Address

Binance Smart Chain


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