Development Roadmap

Following the community voting, the 6 months development roadmap has been crafted as below.

Note that roadmap provided is indicative and may be adjusted based on practical implementation considerations if required.

We thank our community and users for your kind patience and understanding.

Going forward, the protocol shall undertake a longer-term product roadmap that has been clearly defined by community voting in the RAMP DAO. This allows for major developments that can grow the protocol TVL and user adoption in leaps and bounds, rather than incremental improvements.

The deliverables on the Strategic Product Roadmap include and are not limited to:

  1. Ethereum Support: Enable rUSD minting on the Ethereum network.

  2. New Chain Expansions: Integrate Solana and Polkadot into RAMP multi-chain liquidity network.

  3. Liquidation Protection: Protect user funds from liquidations, while supporting the rUSD stablecoin peg and earn fees for the protocol at the same time.

  4. Automatic Loan Repayments: Repaying outstanding rUSD debt using accrued yields.

  5. “Money Lego” Integrations: Supporting new protocol integrations to improve yield offerings and new assets as borrowing markets. Integrations include and are not limited to Curve.Fi, and Sushi.

  6. Analytics: Dashboards for protocol statistics, ROI calculator, earnings summary, and individual wallet tracking.

With a combination of platform improvements to enhance user experience, features that allow users to customize and protect their borrowing exposures, and new chains support as growth catalysts, we expect this latest product roadmap to take the RAMP platform to new heights!

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