RAMP Token Utility
The RAMP token is issued as a utility token powering platform value and aligning the interests of all platform participants.
The RAMP platform allow users to deposit a wide range of digital assets such as RAMP, BNB, CAKE, Pancake LP tokens and mint rUSD, a stablecoin, by collateralizing these asset deposits.
This puts users in a unique position where their assets continue to produce high yields for them, and they get to unlock liquidity at the same time. In most of the vaults, yield generated exceed any fees or interest paid, which means that users get to grow their earnings faster than their interest fees.
The platform charges utility fees, and this accrues positive value back to the RAMP token through token burns.
The RAMP token has a fixed total supply and can no longer be minted. This means that any RAMP burned is removed from circulation, forever.

1. Governance

    For community governance purposes and give community a channel to participate in the project's strategic growth and planning.

2. Token Burn

    Periodic token burns take place via value accrual derived from protocol usage.

3. Collateral Asset

    RAMP can be used as a collateral asset to unlock additional liquidity.

4. Zero Interest

    Mint rUSD at zero fees when you use RAMP as collateral.

5. Incentive and Growth Programs

    To (a) incentivize community involvement, (b) align user behaviours with protocol objectives or (c) bootstrap growth of liquidity pools.
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