RAMP Tokenomics

The RAMP token is issued as a utility token powering platform value and aligning the interests of all platform participants.

The RAMP platform allow users with a wide range of digital assets, such as BTC, ETH, BNB, CAKE, Pancake LP tokens and

1. Token Burn

  • Protocol fees are collected through the provision of auto-compounding vaults, lending and node operations.

2. Collateral Asset

  • RAMP can be use as collateral asset to mint rUSD within the protocol and extract liquidity on the asset.

3. Value Distribution

  • Fee sharing of the protocol fees with users who stake RAMP.

4. Governance

  • For community governance purposes and give community a channel to participate in the project's strategic growth and planning.

5. Farming Efficiency

  • Increase farming efficiency and receive discounts for using the protocol.

6. Incentive / Liquidity Programs

  • To (a) incentivize community involvement, (b) align user behaviours with protocol objective or (c) bootstrap liquidity pools.